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Xblast Lite

XBlast Lite Original XBox Mod Chip 

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XBlast Lite Original XBox Mod Chip 

This chip is suitable for all revisions of the original XBox


Items included:

  • XBlast Lite Mod Chip
  • 2x6 Pin Header for installation

XBlast Lite Features

  • Compatibility across all retail revisions of Xbox
  • 2 BIOS banks. 1 * 512KB and 1 * 256KB.
  • Intelligent LFRAME signal blocker, for 1.6/1.6b consoles
  • Hardware-assisted TSOP recovery feature, like on the OzXodus' Chameleon
  • Full software control for splitting your on board TSOP in 2 banks (1.0/1.1 Xbox only)
  • User programmable input and output ports for customisation and modding
  • Character LCD support with full software control over backlight and contrast
  • Basic Sega Chihiro MediaBoard spoof(for developers only)


Fully legal, Open source and well featured embedded "OS".

  • 128MB Ram Tester
  • Check the status and "health" of your Xbox
  • Change your Xbox system properties
  • Modify EEPROM content
  • Flash new BIOSes
  • Manage your hard drive

We have a report of a third party controller not working on the Xblast menu. We have never had/seen this issue before but if you are using a third party controller and cannot navigate the menu please try using a different controller. Please let us know if you have this issue.

Please note the picture is an example only and actual colour/size may vary slightly as we revised the board layout. All features will remain the same and all changes will be purely cosmetic.

Product Details

Data sheet

Lounge Lizards
Originally Designed By
Flash Size
1MB (256kb used by Xblast OS, 512kb bank customizable, 256kb bank customizable)
Supported Motherboards
v1.0 - v1.6
Dual Bank
Bank 1
Bank 2
Built in LPC Port Rebuild
LCD Support
Bank Switch Control
Software & Manual (switch)
Flashable from Xbox
Flashable (updatable)
Yes from Xbox
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