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Aladdin Xblast
  • Aladdin Xblast

Lizards Xblast

Lizards Xblast

Delivered within 1-3 days


Original Xbox Modchip

Software features:

  • Play backups
  • Play all homebrew
  • Play all original imports
  • Run Debug Executables
  • Support for all XBOX revisions
  • Works on all regions


  • 1MB Flash
  • Powered by Xblast by Psyko Chewbocca
  • Supports 1x 512KB Bank and 1x 256KB Bank, also lets you boot from onboard TSOP!!
  • Banks are software controlled from XblastOS embedded into Bank2,
  • Pre programmed with X2 5035 and M8+ (please let us know if you would like any other combination of Bios's)
  • Set to boot Bank 1 512kb with power button press.
  • Boot Xblast OS with eject button.
  • Reflash banks easily direct from XblastOS.
  • Pin header or quick solder points install.
  • LFrame routed to pin3 of LPC port for easy v1.6 installation when using our LPC rebuild PCB's. No wires needed just solder 1 jumper.

We have a report of a third party controller not working on the Xblast menu. We have never had/seen this issue before but if you are using a third party controller and cannot navigate the menu please use a different controller.

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