Q. Do you have a retail store where I can walk in and browse and purchase products?

A. No we are a workshop only so all orders need to be made online via our website first before coming in for pickup.

Q. Do you offer international shipping?

A. Currently we only offer international shipping to Australia.

Q. There are so many options what modchip is best for me?

A. You can use our modchip selector here or give us a call or an email and we will help you decide what option is best for you

Q. I don't live in Christchurch how can I get you to mod my console?

A. Easy, Just select either North Island or South Island return shipping on any of our services, then package up your console and hard drive (we do not need any cables or controllers) and courier it down to us (shipping your console to us is your responsibility. We will handle shipping your console back to you). We will let you know when it arrives and when it is all done we will get it back on a courier to you.

Q. Can I use my modchipped console online?

A. Both modchipped PS3's and Xbox 360's with a bit of work can work on Xbox live or PSN/SEN. BUT there is a chance you will get banned both Sony and Microsoft actively monitor their servers for modded consoles. We do NOT offer support for getting your console on to Xbox live or PSN/SEN.

Q. When I send my console to you do I need to send all the cables and accessories?

A. No we only need your console by itself. If you want any additional software installed on any hard drives we will need the hard drive.

Q. Can all consoles be modchipped?

A. No 99% of Xbox 360's, and PS3's can be modchipped. Currently Super slim PS3's can only have HEN (homebrew enabler installed), PS4's need to be on a very old firmware and Xbox One's cannot be modchipped. 

Q. Do you repair RROD (Xbox 360 fault red ring of death) or YLOD (ps3 yellow light of death)

A. These faults are most common in the first generations of the Xbox 360 and PS3's which are now uneconomical to repair. If your console has this fault we recommend to sell it as is and purchase a later generation version that is far less likely to suffer these faults.

Q. My console does not turn on will a modchip fix this?

A. No if your console has a fault that stops it functioning this will need to be repaired before we can install a modchip.

Q. Is there a Xbox One modchip or hack? or PS4 jailbreak?

A. There is currently no hack/modchip for the Xbox One and Playstation 4's need to be on an old firmware so cannot not be used online at all.

Q. Can I pay via PayPal

A. No PayPal has a policy against modification devices (even when the device is 100% legal)

Q. What is the difference between Reset Glitch Hack, RGH, JTAG and R-Jtag

A. All of these relate to the process involved to get your Xbox 360 modded, the end result is exactly the same. The JTAG process can only be done on consoles on dashboard 2.0.7371 or lower. This dashboard is very old now and it is extremely rare to find a console on this dashboard. R-Jtag can only be done on phat consoles and requires RGH to work, RGH comes in many forms and is the most common process and the most commonly used name for all of the above. There is no advantage to having a JTAG over a RGH in fact RGH has the benefit of being able to have a dual nand system with safe Xbox Live access on the stock side.

Q. Can I select to get a Trinity or a Corona motherboard when I purchase pre-modded console?

A. Yes you can just send us an email and we will let you know what we have in stock. We mostly stock Coronas as they are the newer boards. There is no advantage to a Trinity over a Corona or vice versa really as they share the same XCGPU (main chip)