What do we repair?

  • Power issues
  • Drive problems (not reading, jammed/stuck, power, botched modding)
  • Physical damage (ports etc)
  • Botched repairs (even if you have been told it is unrepairable)
  • Botched modchip installs 
  • Replacement parts
  • Upgrades (hard drives etc)
  • Controller repairs
  • Display problems (no display, static, lines etc)
  • Hardware repairs (incl nand coversions 4gb->16mb etc)
  • Freezing issues
  • Controller syncing issues
  • Drive key retrieval
  • Drive re-marrying
  • Software problems (failed updates etc)
  • Green/Black screen of death (Xbox One)
  • White Light of Death (WLOD PS4)
  • Xbox 360 family restriction code removal (if you have forgotten your unlock code)
  • + much more

Even if you have been told that your console is unrepairable it is worth contacting us to discuss your options. We get consoles in very regularly that have been damaged during modchip installation or repairs by other parties. The customer is normally told that the console failed by itself and there is nothing that can be done. More often than not when we open the console we find ripped pads and poor workmanship. 99% of the time we can repair these consoles for less than the cost of a replacement console.

Be wary of companies offering "reflows" when looking for RROD or YLOD repairs. Especially companies that say they use a fully computerized solution that applies "slight force" to the chip during reflow. This is not how BGA machines work and shows two things 1. they do not understand the process and 2. they do not actually have a bga machine. These companies are more than likely just attacking your console with a heat gun.

If you are looking for RROD or YLOD repairs you need to look for a company that offers a reball service. A reball is where the chip is actually removed and the solder balls replaced with leaded solder and the chip reattached. We do not know of any company in New Zealand offering this service currently.