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Lizards Xblast LPC

Lizards Xblast LPC

Motherboard Version
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Original Xbox Modchip

Lizards Xblast Modchip. Designed and assembled in New Zealand powered by Xblast OS.

Designed to work on all original Xbox models. We have incorporated the LPC rebuild PCB for v1.6 boards into the modchip.

**v1.6 boards have the modchip installed on the back of the motherboard with no wires required. Simply cut off the pinheader using a craft knife and solder onto the back of the motherboard.

**v1.0-v1.4 boards are installed using the supplied pinheader which needs to be soldered on the LPC debug port on the motherboard. Then one wire ran to the D0 point.

As these are assembled by hand in store numbers are very limited.


  • 1MB Flash
  • Supports 1x 512KB Bank and 1x 256KB Bank, also lets you boot from onboard TSOP!!
  • Banks are software controlled from XblastOS embedded into Bank2,
  • D0 point for 1.0-1.4 Xboxes
  • Pre programmed with X2 5035 and Cerbios
  • Set to boot Bank 1 512kb with power button press.
  • Boot Xblast OS with eject button.
  • Reflash banks easily direct from XblastOS.

**Please let us know if you have a v1.0-1.4 or v1.6 Xbox upon purchase so we can ensure the correct X2 bios is setup**

Hardware features:

-Intergrate LPC Rebuild Board

-Can be flashed (upgraded)

-Compatible with XBOX v1.0 - v1.6

We have a report of a third party controller not working on the Xblast menu. We have never had/seen this issue before but if you are using a third party controller and cannot navigate the menu please try using a different controller. Please let us know if you have this issue.

Product Details

Data sheet

Lounge Lizards
Flash Size
1MB (256kb used by Xblast OS, 512kb bank customizable, 256kb bank customizable)
Supported Motherboards
v1.0 - v1.6
Dual Bank
Bank 1
Bank 2
Built in LPC Port Rebuild
LCD Support
Bank Switch Control
Flashable from Xbox
Flashable (updatable)
Yes from Xbox
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