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Duo X3

Original Xbox Duo X3 Chip

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Original Xbox Modchip

PLEASE NOTE. These are clone Duo X3 chips and currently the only way to flash a different bios to them is to remove the flash chips and flash them with an external programmer. The bios that is currently on them only supports upto 60gb hard drives. 

Duo X3 Xbox modchip, featuring 2X256k dual bank, supports all versions of Xbox consoles, slide switch to switch between 2 banks for dual bios or in case one of the banks got corrupted.

Duo X3 features

  • Duo x3 Xbox mod chips very easy installation - very stable operation.
  • Duo x3 chip allows multi boot xbox conslole - Retail / Modded Bios
  • High quality manufacture
  • Auto detect functions fully support all versions of Xbox.
  • One chip for the following xbox models:v1.0, v1.1, v1.2, v1.3, v1.4, v1.5 and v1.6/v1.6B)
  • Supports all latest dashboards XBMC Xbox Media Centre, Evolution X, Avalaunch.
  • Dual Bios feature (2 x 256KB)
  • Very easy to disable mod
  • DuoX3 Supports larger hard drives upto 60gb
  • IGR In game reset enabled all model Xbox
  • Can boot between original and Duo X3 modchip bios
  • Plays original imports
  • Plays Backups of originals
  • Plays unsigned code
  • Run Debug Executables
Product Details

Data sheet

Flash Size
256kb x2
Supported Motherboards
v1.0 - v1.6
Dual Bank
Bank 1
Bank 2
Built in LPC Port Rebuild
LCD Support
Bank Switch Control
Manual (switch)
Flashable from Xbox
Flashable (updatable)
Yes with an external programmer
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