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Modbo 5.0

Modbo 5.0

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Modbo 5.0 modchips aren't the easiest chips to install (when compared to modchips for other consoles like the MM3), but have a lot of functionality built into them.

  • Compatible with all PS2 consoles from V5 through V18.
  • Runs Matrix Infinity firmware.
  • Supports booting from memory card, disc drive, hard drive, and USB.
  • Can play DVD's from any region.
  • Can play PS2 CD and DVD discs, genuine games, imports, as well as backups.
  • Can play PS1 CD discs, genuine games, imports, as well as backups (anti modchip games only work with V9-V16 consoles).
  • Support for multi-disc games, and DVD-9 games.
  • Installation only requires 18-20 wires to be soldered.

PLEASE NOTE The Modbo 5.0 modchips are officially compatible with PS2 models from V5 through V18. They have been found that they work with V1 through V18 systems, meaning they'll work with pretty much every PS2 other than the very first few models which were sold only in Japan (these models may also be compatible, but I haven't gotten around to testing them yet).

One thing to note is that if you'd like to play anti modchip PS1 games (like Spryo 3) without needing to patch the backup image, you'll need a V9 to V16 model system.

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