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PS2 64mb Fortuna MCBoot Modchip

PS2 64mb Fortuna MCBoot Modchip

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PS2 64mb Fortuna MCBoot Modchip designed for SCPH-9000X PS2 consoles that do not support normal FMCB. If you have any other model PS2 or a SCPH-9000x with a date code 8A or 8B please purchase our normal FMCB cards here.

These are brand new 64mb memory cards that we have opened and programmed with FreeMCBoot v1.966 and Fortuna for New Zealand consoles. We guarantee these work on New Zealand, Australian and UK consoles. They may not work with consoles from other regions!

The process to boot Free McBoot on SCPH-9000X consoles with a date code of 8C or newer is as follows.

  1. Plug in the memory card in either slot.
  2. Turn on the PS2. 
  3. Select "Browser" on the main screen.
  4. Select the memory card with FMCB install on it.
  5. Let the memory card load. It is normal for "corrupted data" to be in the top right corner.
  6. Press "O" to go back to the browser screen. It is normal for the memory card icon to now be missing.
  7. Press "O" to go back to the main screen. 
  8. The PS2 should now boot into Free McBoot.

This process needs to be done everytime the PS2 is rebooted.


  • wLaunchELF
  • ESR
  • Open PS2 Loader
  • HD Loader
  • Simple Media System
  • NES Emulator
  • SEGA Genesis Emulator
  • Super Nintendo Emulator
  • GS Mode Selector
  • Controller Tester
  • Codebreaker

Q. What is FreeMCBoot?
A. FreeMCBoot is a type of modchip. It is on a memory card so you just plug it in and go.

Q. Does FreeMCBoot work with all Playstation 2's?
A. No it doesn't. But these Fortuna cards will. See the following link to check if your model is compatible. PS2 Model Check

Q. Can I still use the memory card to store save games etc?
A. Yes you can as long as you do not completely fill up the memory card. Keep at least 1mb free.

Q. What can I do with FreeMCBoot?
A. FreeMCBoot allows you to run homebrew applications. You can also run games backed up onto discs if they are patched and burned correctly to work with FreeMCBoot

Q. I have heard I can run games off USB hard drives is this true?
A. Yes you can but as the PS2 is USB 1.1 it is very slow and can cause lag in games. If you have a older fat style PS2 you can purchase a hard drive adapter that gets installed into the expansion bay and install a hard drive and install and play games off that hard drive with no problems. Open PS2 Loader can also be used to boot games off your network.

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