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Matrix Glitcher v3 (coolrunner)

Matrix Glitcher v3 (coolrunner)

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 Matrix Glitcher v3 Coolrunner

  • Booting of unsigned code on Xbox 360 phat and Xbox 360 slim
  • Preprogrammed - Has programming ports, but, as mention, already programmed!Glitching code.
  • Compatible with all Xbox360 SLIM and PHAT models
  • On board Pads to select phat or slim
  • Compact PCB size with easy to solder pads.
  • Perfect for the new RGH 1.2 on Phats
  • Perfect for Xenon CPU key retrieval
  • Compatible with RGH2, RGH1 and RGH 1.2
  • Onboard oscillator 
  • 5 wire install for RGH1 and RGH1.2
  • 6 wire install for RGH2
  • Soldering is required to install this chip.
  • A nand reader/programmer is also required to read/program the nand.
  • Permanent damage can be done to your Xbox if this chip is not installed correctly
  • If you are not comfortable installing and tuning a reset glitch hack install we recommend purchasing a Team Xecuter CR4 which are simpler to install see here.
  • This chip does not come with any instructions please make sure you have read all required information before purchasing this chip. We not offer step by step support for installation of this chip.
  • Timing tuning maybe required to get good boot times with this chip (like all coolrunners)
  • If you are not an experienced installer we recommend purchasing a RGH installation service see here

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