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Corona 4gb Read/Write Kit

Corona 4gb Read/Write Kit

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These kits are used to read/write the nand on 4gb v2/v4/v6 Corona Xbox 360's


  • Blazing FAST Read/Write of a Corona 4GB Model NAND (aka Corona v2)
  • Pin Header install module. Additonal pin headers availbale separately so this kit can be used on multiple consoles.
  • Integrated "sense" Enable/Disable Feature
  • Fully Compatible with any current RGH software (EX: AutoGG, Jrunner, etc.)
  • 48mb Dump is all that is needed for Corona 4GB RGH (Should also make a complete backup to be safe)

Kit Contents:

  • SD Card adapter board
  • Pin Header Module kit
  • 1x Pin Header (additional headers available seperatley)
  • 1x FFC Ribbon Cable

As these kits are assembled instore there are limited numbers available.

We recommend you also purchase the USB->SD card adapter we have as Corona's can be very fussy with what SD adapters they work with.

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