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PS4 White Light Of Death Repair

PS4 White Light Of Death Repair

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A common fault with the PS4 is called the WLOD (white light of death). This is where you turn on your PS4 and it looks like it has booted correctly but nothing shows on the screen but your PS4 still shows the normal solid white light on top.

The cause of this fault is a failed HDMI IC. We can repair this fault for you correctly and have you back up and running in no time.

Other common symptoms of a failing/failed HDMI IC is 

  • Blurry/static picture
  • Pulsing white light

It is very common for this fault to be repaired incorrectly so if you have these symptoms and have been told your console is not repairable it is worth while giving us a call for a free assessment of the previous repair attempt. 

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