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Xbox 360 Slim RGH/JTAG 500gb Console Package

Xbox 360 Slim RGH/JTAG 500gb Console Package

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Xbox 360 Slim RGH Modded Console Ready to Plug in and Play

Package Includes

  • Black Xbox 360 Slim
  • 500gb Hard drive
  • Power Adapter
  • Microsoft Black Wireless Controller (requires 2x AA batteries)
  • AV Cable

Software Installed

  • Latest Hacked Dash
  • Aurora
  • 4x Emulators
  • NXE2God
  • Freestyle Dash 3 
  • XEXMenu
  • DashLaunch

Console will either be a Trinity or Corona motherboard.

We can included 3x GTA V and 4x Black Ops 2 Mod Menus with instructions on how to install them if the purchaser wants. These menus will currently work on the latest title updates for these games but we offer no support for setting them up or using them online.

Do you have a question about RGH/JTAG? Please see here for the most commonly asked questions


Please Note: Backing up games onto your console to play without the disc that you do not actually own is against copyright laws and we do not condone this. 


  • Install your games to the hard drive and play them without the disc
  • Install and run homebrew applications like emulators etc
  • Play out of region games
  • Install custom boot animations
  • Install any size hard drive (stock Xbox 360's are limited to 500gb internal)
  • Install and use mod menus
  • Access to our customer forum for help and support


  • Not Xbox Live Safe*
  • Requires manual updates

If you want to still want to use your original game discs safely on Xbox Live with your modded console you will need to purchase a dual nand system. See here for more info.

*A stealth server can be used to play on Xbox Live and reduce the risk of getting banned. Google Xbox Live stealth server there are several out there. These servers usually cost money. (we do not have anything to do with any stealth server so you will need to contact them and set it up yourself)

*Picture is an example only, actual product may differ slightly.

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