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Xbox 360 Dual Nand +RGH (installed)

Xbox 360 Dual Nand +RGH (installed)

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Xbox 360 Dual Nand

Get the best of both worlds. With the press of a button choose either to boot into STOCK mode or HACKED mode.


  • Remove region restrictions
  • Install games to your hard drive and play them without the disc.
  • Install and run Homebrew applications like emulators etc.
  • Makes your console region free so you can play out of region games.
  • NOT Xbox live safe


  • Just like a standard Xbox
  • Play your original games off their original discs
  • Live safe
  • NO games or applications install in hacked mode will work in stock mode

We recommend that you do not use Xbox Live while in hacked mode unless you can find and purchase another KeyVault from someone to install on the HACKED side. Your Xbox 360 only has one KeyVault so this is used in both HACKED and STOCK mode. When Microsoft bans you from Xbox Live they ban your KeyVault so if you get banned in HACKED mode your STOCK mode will also be banned. While HACKED mode can be unbanned by purchasing a new KeyVault your can NEVER unban the STOCK side. We do not sell KeyVaults.

Service includes

  • Installation of reset glitch hack (rgh)
  • installation of the following software XEXMenu, NXE2God, Freestyle Dash, Aurora, 4x Emulators
  • Installation of dual nand.
  • Works on both Phat and Slim Xbox's
  • Service is for installation only and does not include a Xbox 360 console.

Please Note: Backing up games onto your console to play without the disc that you do not actually own is against copyright laws and we do not condone this. 

Please check the manufacturing date on the back of the console. Anything manufactured after mid August 2014 cannot be currently modded

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