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Playstation 1 Modchip (MM3)

Playstation 1 Modchip (MM3)

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MM3 modchip


  • Play all backups cd/cdr
  • No boot disc required
  • Stealth mode
  • Works with anti-mod games
  • 6-8 wire installation

These are the chip only and not the normal PCB mounted MM3's we normally have. The chips will need to be insulated and mounted safely inside the console.


Q. Will this make my Playstation 1 region free?

A. Yes it will BUT ntsc games will display funny (ghosting, weird colours etc) if you are using composite video cables. With Playstation 1 models 7000 series and higher you can do a little modification to the motherboard to fix this (anything below 7000 series can not be easily modified so if you are wanting to play NTSC games we recommend getting a 7000 series or higher console) or alternatively you can purchase a RGB video cable (if your TV supports RGB) and the games should display correctly.

NOTE: All Playstation modchips are programmed and verified. 

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